Opioid Education

Skills on Point, LLC 
Discounted for IANA

The IANA has partnered with Skills on Point, LLC to offer 10 credits of opioid education for a discounted price of $75 for IL CRNAs & SRNAs.  As you know, to maintain your RN license in Illinois, we are required to obtain a total of 160 credits every 4 years. Only 100 credits are required by the NBCRNA. This opportunity is a great way to get some of those extra needed credits and a very reasonable cost. In addition to fulfilling the IL requirement, you can submit your completion certificate through the NBCRNA portal to obtain class B credit for this activity.  

Follow the link below to access the course and pay for the content.  Click on "Opioid Prescription and Substance Abuse Education". The regular price is $150. Click "Enroll in the Course." At the top of the page, click on Add Coupon. Enter the code IANA at check out and the new price of $75 will be charged.