2019 IANA Ultrasound Workshop

2019 IANA Ultrasound Workshop
This workshop will give attendees to opportunity learn and refresh their skills and hands-on ultrasound techniques. We will also have classroom instruction on upper extremity, lower extremity, fascial plane and billing.

Registration is limited to 40 attendees! Register today.

CE and lecture information coming soon.

Morning - 8:00 am

Regional Anesthesia Lectures by
Dr. Carlos Xavier Moreno, DrAP, CRNA and
Dr. Stephen Flaherty, PhD, CRNA

Lunch - 12:00 pm

Afternoon - 1:00 pm
Hands-on ultrasound stations

Conclude - 4:00 pm


TYPE Member    Non-member
CRNA   $500  $600
SRNA  $200  $200

Sponsored by:
10/19/2019 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Rush Simulation Facility 600 South Paulina Chicago 60612

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